File a Compensation Claim With an Accident Lawyer in New York City Now!


Cities can be busy and unforgiving places. Everyone always has somewhere to be, and is in a rush to get there. This holds especially true for New York City with more than 8 million people living there. So many people moving around “the city that never sleeps” really takes a toll on the inhabitance, enough so that injuries happen at an accelerated rate. Should you be injured contact your nearest work accident lawyer in New York City today to determine if you are entitled to workers’ compensation. The reason why workers’ compensation was created in the first place was to protect hard working citizens when they get hurt on the job.

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that requires most employees to agree that they will not sue their employer for negligence if they get sick or if they are injured on the job. In return this entitles the worker, if injured, to be reimbursed for medical care when they suffer an injury at work. Also, workers’ compensation makes employers agree to have their employees working in safe conditions and makes it illegal for an employer to fire or not employ a worker for filing a workers’ compensation claim. For many people this sounds like an ideal situation. Employees get reimbursed for medical expense, they get proper medical treatment if they are injured, and they are working in safe working conditions. Although it sounds like a great deal it may be hard for you to get compensation for getting injured at work.

In order to file a claim with an accident lawyer in New York City you first have to tell your employer as soon as possible you were injured. Then a compensation claim form needs to be filled out which will detail the injury, the location, time and how it occurred. Finally the form needs to go to your employer who will send it into the State Compensation Insurance Fund. Workers’ compensation is different than your normal off the job insurance, this will only cover injuries and illnesses that happened ‘on the job.’

If you feel that you have not received the benefit of workers’ compensation insurance you are entitled under your insurance to speak with an assistance officer from the Division of Workers’ Compensation, and even file an application with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals board to begin to formally address your claim, and consult with an accident lawyer in New York City who can help you with your needs.

Some employers refuse to accept it when employees claim they got injured on the job. If an employer decides to ignore your case of workers’ compensation hire a workers’ compensation accident lawyer in New York City. They have experience with cases where employers try to sneak their way out of employee claims. You can bring your workers’ compensation case to your nearest accident lawyer New York City. They have locations in Queens, Manhattan, and other locations all over the city.

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