Do You Need A Maryland Criminal Lawyer?


You may actually think that you have a good knowledge of the criminal law system, perhaps through watching television and movies. However, should you find yourself facing criminal charges then hiring an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer is the best option for receiving relevant information and advice on your case.

An act which is defined as criminal is one which is considered dangerous and/or damaging to the public and to the wider society. Most states will have their laws set down under criminal law, as well as a definition of what constitutes a criminal act and which is punishable under state law. Hiring a Maryland criminal lawyer will help you to understand how the charges you face are considered as criminal and the potential penalty you are facing.

Criminal law and the crimes it covers are set under state, federal and local government legislation. These laws are usually set out with the state jurisdiction in mind, so it is important to find a criminal lawyer within the state in which the crime was committed. They will be familiar with state law, the legal processes involved and the officials in the court process. The punishment for being found guilty of a criminal crime ranges from fines and community service orders, to probationary terms and jail.

A Maryland criminal lawyer is only one part of the judicial process through which you will be tried. The process begins with arrest, investigation of the crime, charges and then a court hearing to determine guilt. There are also a number of key players within this process including your lawyer, police officials, prosecutors, judges and witnesses.

A good lawyer will be able to explain to you your rights under the U.S. Constitution. These include the right to a criminal lawyer and to a trial by jury. These constitutional rights are important for ensuring that criminal crimes are correctly identified and punished, whilst ensuring the rights of those concerned are adhered to under a democratic society.

What the final outcome of your criminal trial will be can depend on many variables. The strength of the evidence against you and the nature of the crime committed can make the difference between your Maryland criminal lawyer advising you to submit a defense or to enter into a plea bargain, whereby pleading guilty can result in a more lenient sentence. Your lawyer will consider any possibility of getting your case dismissed, including failure to apply correct procedures before or during the court case, inadmissible evidence or discrediting witnesses.

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