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Two years ago, the State of California ranked number 1 as the state with the most number of car accident fatalities in the US, beating all other 49 states and 1 district.

With the number of 4,236 fatal accidents, Los Angeles contributed 799 making it the county/city in California with the most number of fatalities. Majority of the fatalities died in alcohol-related accidents.

Generally, vehicular accidents are caused by negligence and inattention of the driver. Some are caused by serious disorderly behavior or disregard of existing traffic rules and regulations. Other causes would include drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, speeding, reckless driving and bad weather condition.

Accidents can expose parties involved to civil and criminal prosecution. A civil suit may be instituted to recover damages. Criminal case on the other hand is prosecuted by the state when accident occurs due to recklessness and grossly illegal behavior that resulted to death or civil injury.

Without the assistance of a LA vehicle accidents lawyer, recovery of claims from the insurance company either of the erring vehicle or the victim’s own or from the party at-fault can be a bit harder. It involves issues of law and requires production of evidence that a layman may not have the necessary expertise, yet alone knowledge, to successfully make.

The law on torts, which cover vehicular accidents, varies from state to state. Peculiar circumstances, which are attendant in one case, may not be present in another. That is why an accident victim needs the help of a lawyer. An LA vehicle accident lawyer is indispensable in every case, especially if one desired to be compensated rightfully for his loss and suffering.

A lawyer’s function will start from initially gathering evidence of accidents such as the Police Report, photos of the scene including object evidence such as the wrecked automobile parts or the whole of it. As to the aspect of injury, medical certificates, billings and drug prescriptions must also be at hand.

The hardest part is proving the claims to the court. Such matters must be left to the province of a lawyer who has the necessary expertise and mastery of the laws specifically applicable to these types of cases.

In choosing a LA vehicle accidents lawyer, one must consider the quality of service and attention that a lawyer is willing to give and commit to a client. Accident cases are characterized by special circumstances that need close attention from a lawyer representing the case. That is the only way to effectively represent clients and get the most advantageous compensation for them.

A good lawyer does not settle for mediocre resolution of cases and meager award of damages. He knows the pain and suffering that accidents victims feel and he knows that no amount of money could equal them. Getting the most that he can in every legal way possible can assure the victim that at least, in some legal way, his suffering can be alleviated; his pain remedied.

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